Silver Step Child Ivory Gates - Shapes of Memory (Megahard) 2001

1. "Through the Ivory Gate" (1:36)
2. "Unchained" (9:04)
3. "The Witness" (9:00)
4. "Masquerade" (6:29)
5. "Trancendence" (8:30)
6. "Images Reflected" (5:41)
7. "What I Believe" (12:40)

This is one of those CDs that I will have to listen to several times over before I can begin appreciating it. Ivory Gates play above average progressive metal with a mixture of keys and guitars that work quite well to acheive a sound that echoes Dream Theater, and perhaps a bit of Threshold and Fates Warning. However, in the first few listens I was left sort of blank. I think there is a lack of anything real memorable about the songs themselves, despite the fact that they have epic length songs, good vocals and superior musicianship. Perhaps I will be able to add more insight into this CD with more time. (That's the nice thing about this site, I can update and change reviews as I need.)

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