Quiet Room
Progressive metal from Denver, Colorado, USA formed in 1992. Founded by guitarists Jason Boudreau and George Glasco, the original lineup consisted of vocalist Chadd Castor, bassist Josh Luebbers, drummer Mike Rice, and keyboardist Jeff Janeczko, which recorded a demo in 1995 that circulated in the metal underground. The band eventually signed with Metal Blade Records after releasing their debut on indie label Dominion. 1998 saw the re-release of the Quiet Room's debut , Introspect, on Metal Blade. By the time their sophomore effort, "Reconceive," hit the racks in 2000, half of the band had left and newcomers Pete Jewell (vocals), Rob Munshower (bass), and Graeme Wood (keyboards) were added to the band.

Introspect Quiet Room - Introspect (Dominion) 1997

1. "Different Scene" (4:44)
2. "Grudge" (5:02)
3. "Second Time Around" (6:23)
4. "Altered Past" (4:46)
5. "Drowning" (5:29)
6. "Laughing At Your Expense" (3:53)
7. "Holding On" (4:31)
8. "Extramental" [instrumental] (3:22)
9. "Suspended Seconds" (2:32)
10. "Undetermined" (4:44)

Majestic progressive metal that is very similar in style to mid-90's Fates Warning. Vocalist Chad Caster has the perfect voice for this type of metal. The music is technical, but not overly so, as some prog-metal bands tend to do. The Quiet Room put equal attention to melody and memorable hooks. This album was re-released on Metal Blade in 1999, but has been out since 1997.

Quiet Room - Reconceive (Metal Blade) 2000

1. "Suffercation" (4:54)
2. "Choke on Me" (5:07)
3. "Your Hate" (4:44)
4. "Reason for Change" (6:54)
5. "Realms of Decent" (5:42)
6. "Controlling Nation" (4:54)
7. "Room 15" (3:46)
8. "Less Than Zero" (6:50)
9. "Face Your Judgment" (4:30)
10. "This Pain" (4:42)
11. "Two Minutes Hate" (2:53)

Disc number two for Denver's the Quiet Room is a few step above their debut, in my opinion. Half of the band left before recording this disc, so newcomers Pete Jewell (vocals), Rob Munshower (bass), and Graeme Wood (keyboards) were added to the band and their presence has improved the band's sound immensely. They are still writing quality progressive metal songs, but are as heavy as a full throttle freight train packed with elephants! So, essentially what has happened is that the Quiet Room, who are anything but quiet, have moved from being a Dream Theater/Fates Warning wannabe band to having more in common with the likes of Antithesis. Instead of getting mellower, the Quiet Room have actually gotten heavier and are now pushing the boundaries of speed metal and even thrash metal at times and combining these heavier styles with their already proficient technical brand of progressive rock. That is not to say that there are not the mellower moments or the dynamics within the songwriting. Songs like "Reason For Change" experiment with less aggressive song structures. In contrast, songs like "Controlling Nation," "Suffercation" and "Your Hate" are fast, heavy and aggressive. However, within all these songs there are plenty of tempo changes, staccato rhythms, stop/starts and emotional vocal melodies to keep even the purest of progressive metal fans happy. I must also say that I love the mix of guitars and keys on this disc. The distinction between the two instruments is quite apparent, but they work together quite well. Prognosis? Great disc!

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