The Fullness of Time Redemption - The Fullness of Time (Sensory) 2005

1. "Threads" (5:43)
2. "Parker's Eyes" (6:15)
3. "Scarred" (7:56)
4. "Sapphire" (15:55)
The Fullness of Time:
5. I. "Rage" (5:01)
6. II. Despair" (3:20)
7. III. "Release" (5:16)
8. IV. "Transcendence" (7:59)

I was a bit leery about this disc as I wasn't that excited about Ray Alder's side project, Engine. However, this CD is fantastic. Redemption are almost like having a brand new Fates Warning who have returned to playing the melodic, progressive metal of years past. Much of this has to do with the signature pipes of Ray Alder, who is in top form here. I personally think he sounds better here than he did on Fates' "FWX." The songs themselves are melodic, many are even epic length and are exactly what many fans have been wanting to hear for a long time. The CD starts off with what is probably the fastest, heaviest track on the CD, "Threads". Although it might be a bit crass saying so, this song reminded me of Dream Theater at times, mostly because of the keys. "Parker's Eyes" has the more melodramatic, style that Fates were doing on "Parallels" and "Inside Out". There is a ton of dynamics in this one song alone. However, from this point all the songs are dynamic and feature a mixture of heavy guitar parts, some melodic, melancholy moments, sweeping keyboard and piano passages, fantastic guitar solos, and of course Ray Alder's signature vocals. Probably the most impressive song here is the title track, which is broken down into four parts. "Rage" song starts off with an angry dialog before breaking into a heavy power metal riffs. Much like "Threads", this song, as the title suggests, boasts a slightly more aggressive sound than the majority of this CD. "Despair", also as the title suggests, is a bit more melancholy. "Release" picks up the mood a bit. After a mellow opening the song picks up with some chugging, heavy guitar work and layers of vocals. "Transcendence" is an mid-paced, melodic song which also has a sort of melancholy feel to it. Redemption's "The Fullness of Time" is a stunning album that should please Ray's fan base or anyone who appreciate well executed, melodic, progressive heavy metal.

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